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No one is more of a believer in the power of the Attune Mint's Wellness Exercises than I am. 

Two years ago, I needed Attune Mint's exercises more than anyone. My journey towards a better place started with reading about the power of gratitude. Every day, I set aside a few minutes to list out what I was grateful for in my life. This simple act slowly but surely changed my perspective.

I soon tried out other exercises in my daily routine, including meditation, positive visualization, affirmations, and reaffirming my personal long term goals. When nothing else in life seemed certain, I could always fall back to these wellness exercises to give myself a boost. Over time, I noticed my pattern of self-talk shifting. It became easier to see my life heading in a positive direction and to notice the positive possibilities all around me. Like most good things in life, it wasn't instant, but keeping up a consistent habit led to a real change in the way I viewed life.

I realized I wanted to share the transformative power of these simple techniques with those struggling with the same things I was. So I began the intensive process of learning how to develop, design, and code Attune Mint. I hope it helps you as much as it's helped me.

-Jennifer Fitzpatrick

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